I can’t wait for my future husband to win the World Cup so I can go down on the pitch and make out with him in front of everyone

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“DROP THE BASS” the orchestra member drops his instrument and knocks over all of the other musicians. the concert is ruined.

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self positivity is f*cking great!!! u think ur cool??? then ur cool!!! u think ur cute??? then ur hella cute!!! look at you go. so amazing

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Anonymous: I feel like absolute shit do u have any tips??


hello love yes yes i do :^)

  • do u have a camera on your phone? or a nice camera of any shape or size or quality? take it and plan a short route in yr neighbourhood and go out and take 10 photos of anything + they can be as artistic or as dull as u like. plants, buildings, the same patch of sky over the course of 20 minutes, that one cute dog u see, anything at all. just go and do that, it’s good to focus elsewhere - on things around u rather than within u. (ur very welcome to submit them to me after if u want!!)
  • pick a person / moment / tv show / what u r feeling right now and make a playlist for it
  • take a piece of paper and draw shapes on them and then fill in the shapes with colour / pen / stickers / anything u want
  • prop up ur laptop somewhere and play ur favourite movie / music video / an ep of ur fav tv show / whatever and take a nice bath while watching
  • paint ur nails, paint ur toenails, draw on urself, decorate urself however much or little as u want
  • nature documentaries always put the world into perspective for me, they may have the same effect for u too. aurora borealis timelapses are good too

it’s ok to feel crappy my friend, just consider ur emotions as the waves of a deep ocean and ride them out as u would if u were surfing„ ride them out and let them take u somewhere that u can always swim back from

i love you stay safe

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Music is what feelings sound like Tom Odell (via onezia)

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